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joins us. "starting point" begins right now. welcome, our starting point this morning, new details coming to us about what was inside the apartment of the aurora colorado shooting suspect's home, after his bizarre appearance in court yesterday. cnn has new information, a law enforcement official who viewed videotape taken inside the apartment says this, mess of wires looked like spaghetti and it was rigged quote, right. if police hadn't dismantled the explosives the entire floor could have been consumed by flames before the first fire truck arrive. the aurora police found 30 improvised explosive devices surrounded by gas containers of gasoline. the gasoline was meant to enhance the effects of the blast. all of that brings us right to jim spellman. he's standing outside the theater. we can see the neon sign behind you. let's talk first about this video. i know it's black and white. what more can you tell us? >> yeah, police describe this whole apartment as being designed to kill. all rigged up to a trip wire at the front door. it took them almost two days before they could figure ou
, christine romans has that for us. >> moupting concern in the u.s. and israel about chemical weapons possibly entering the fray in syria, fierce fighting continuing overnight in city of alep po, the assad regime clinging to power this morning. here's the development that's getting attention, a spokesman publicly threatening to deploy chemical weapons against any foreign intervention. it's a threat senator john mccain is taking seriously. >> there is a danger of chemical weapons that are presently under bash ar al assad's control from flowing to hezbollah, presenting a grave threat to the security of israel. >> president obama warning the assad regime it would be a tragic mistake to use chemical weapons, promising syria will be held accountable if it does. >>> a new era for penn state's football program after a massive punish from the ncaa. they leveled a $60 million fine, imposed a four-year boan own postseason activity and stripped the school of scholarships and football victories for the last 14 seasons. penn state says it won't fight the stiff sanctions. we'll heard from mike and mike in t
. it's a shame. because our tax dollars were used to go to companies often donors of the president's. >> senator ron johnson is a republican from wisconsin, a member of the budget appropriations committee and also a supporter of mitt romney. thanks for talking with us. >> good morning, soledad. >> good morning, there's clearly an effort to move away from conversations about bain and taxes and start talking about crony capitalism. what exactly is that? >> well crony capitalism is taking taxpayer money and funneling that to the people that have supported you in the campaign and that's exactly what president obama and his administration has done. look at solyndra over a half billion dollars invested in a company that's now bankrupt. it was supported by people who supported president obama. that's a dlasic example. >> inserting solyndra back into the conversation. back in may of 2012, here's what mitt romney said about solyndra. listen. >> an independent inspector general looked at this investment and concluded that the administration had steered money to friends and family to campaign
'malley and teri branstad and bob mcdonnell also here. we're going to talk to former u.s. olympian, dara torres, it's friday the 13th and "starting point" begins right now. >>> welcome, everybody, breaking news to start "starting point" this morning, a story developing as well. jp morgan chase is releases earnings and disclosing they lost $5 billion in a monumental trading blunder. we're digging through the numbers. christine romans will update you on what that earnings report means straight ahead. >>> also, more controversy over the uniforms for the united states olympic team. when they walk no london's olympic stadium, they are going to be wearing ralph lauren, red, white and blue ensemble made entirely in china. lawmakers are outraged for outsourcing the clothing. alina cho joins us with more on that. >> there's rare bipartisan backlash on capitol hill about this. good morning, everything in the uniform from the beret to the blazer and shoes made in china. they are made by american designer ralph lauren as soledad said and they are just for the opening and closing ceremonies, recently i got an o
gillibrand and steve israel sent a letter to the chairman of the u.s. olympic committee asking that the committee only source uniforms from the united states in the future. is that possible? opening ceremony less than a month away. sherrod brown suggested the usoc get their uniforms from hugo boss in his home state of ohio. and harry reid was so mad, he wanted to destroy uniforms. >> i am so upset that i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed and should take all of the uniforms and put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. >> the u.s. olympic committee released a statement earlier this week which says, unlike most olympic teams around the world the u.s. olympic team is privately funded and we're grateful for the support of our sponsors. we're proud of our partnership with ralph lauren, an iconic american committee and excited to watch america's finest athletes compete at the upcoming games in london. and ralph lauren, we reached out for comment. they told me they are not giving any statement about thi
it to horrible use and ruin people's lives and cause so much harm to people and hurt them so bad. >> how is the community doing? there were several vigils i saw last night and there have been smaller ones over the last couple of days. have those vigils been helpful? >> i think so. there's been so many things said just trying to help people and everyone is just really understanding about everything right now so just realizing how supportive people are and how everyone is really coming together helps a lot. >> it does. that's good to know. you both seem very calm to me and almost a little too calm. i'm wondering if there's going to be a point where it hits you hard. you have a bullet in your chin. >> yeah. >> in your face and doctors have said they don't want to ever take it out. how are you holding up? >> just grateful it didn't hit anywhere else. i mean, i've heard stories of people getting hit in the head and arm and leg and i picture myself in their shoes going through my circumstances if i were to get hit in the arm, my sports career would be done. leg, same thing. anywhere else, i'm
with sheila simon, she'll join us live. we'll get you the rest of the morning's top stories, christine romans has that for us. >>> authorities in iowa draining a lake this morning in the search for two missing girls, 8-year-old elizabeth collins and her 10-year-old cousin lyric cook disappeared last friday. their bikes found at the edge of meyers lake in the town of evansdale, it could take three days to drain the lake sufficiently. >>> police trying to track down who shot this video of a smash mob of teenagers hurling merchandise through the aisles of walmart in florida. wjxt visited the home of the 17-year-old student who posted this video. then removed it from his page. there was no response at the door. police citing a possible link to a nearby house party where gunshots were heard that night. >>> we're hearing from the president of penn state, the new president of penn state for first time since the release of the damning freeh report, rodney jackson says the university must take responsibility at all levels for concealing information about jerry sandusky's sexual abuse of children. >> i
sister starts screaming. a packed show ahead. trayvon martin's parents will show us along with their attorney and former syrian general a kill ha shem is our guest and michael nter and rex ryan, plus the producer of the new bat man movie and it is thursday, july 19th. "starting point" begins right now. >>> hi, everybody. welcome. "starting point" this morning is george zimmerman in his own words. this morning the man that shot and killed trayvon martin sat down for his first television interview. it happened last night on fox news. zimmerman said what happened was all god's plan. >> do you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night. >> no, sir. >> do you regret you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't be here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> you feel you would not be here? >> i feel that it was all god's plan and for me to second guess it or judge it -- >> is there anything you might do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit? >> no, sir. >> joining us this morning criminal defen
wearing a bulletproof vest and using three guns, a hand gun and rifle and another weapon he stashed somewhere in the theater. you can see from the video captured on the cell phone some of the scenes of panic and chaos and absolute terror. >> she said that when she turned around, all she saw was the guy slowly making his way up the stairs and just firing. >> at people? >> just picking random people. >> that's how witnesses described it, picking random people. it happened at the century 16 movie theater in town center at aurora. and the way witnesses described it, the gunman came in, somehow kicking through a back door, emergency exit. showed up at the front of the theater in the beginning moments of the movie. he then had with him guns and also some kind of smoke device that he set off. the smoke filled the theater by some reports, theater number nine, at this movie theater, movie center. and then they had absolute chaos as some of the people realized they were being choked by the gas and he started opening fire. according to witnesses, very calmly walked up the stairs and just seeme
of the stand your graund law. you can't run after somebody and stand your ground and use deadly force. it is also an issue before the jury trial, a judge can decide this issue in florida. it is huge. obviously he talked to his lawyer and he has to be careful about what he says about whether he followed trayvon martin. it is the pivotal issue pretrial and if he gets to trial. >> his attorney says they may not use stand your ground. they may just use a basic self-defense. here is another chunk with sean hannity and he has before you hear this chunk he has described in great detail about the fight and the wrestle for the gun. >> uh-huh. >> do you remember when you yourself reached for your weapon? do you remember that moment? >> yes, sir. >> how was that? >> at that point i realized that it wasn't my gun, it wasn't his gun, it was the gun. >> i feel like there was some point that he was trying to make, i wasn't sure that i fully understood it. what message was that supposed to be about not my gun but the gun? >> well, exactly. keep in mind in the first court appearance he said he didn't
of people looked puzzled too. and suddenly behind us we noticed there were people saying somebody is shooting up the theater somebody is shot. we see a young couple, holding a woman's face and guiding her down the stairs she's bleeding pretty good. i looked to my right and another gentleman is holding his stomach and running down the stairs trying to get out of there. >> you're in theater number eight. we're told the shooting was taking place in theater number nine. but somehow the bullets were going through the walls into your theater? >> yeah, they did. after that had happened in fact we went to the left side of the theater and somebody said, look, holes and we looked up and you could see the baffling material had been pushed out of the wall and i walked over and put my finger in it, i was just in awe and kind of shocked still. and right before we tried to exit the theater, all of a sudden somebody said don't go in the lobby, he's in the lobby and somebody else tried to go outside and they shut the doors. i don't know why, they said he's outside. we don't know if there was more
and from angie's list, angie hicks and congressman elijah cummings will be joining us. "starting point" begins right now. >> welcome, we start with breaking news this morning, word of a suspicious item being investigated. it was found under a parked car near the u.s. embassy in oslo, norway. we're going to bring you more information as it becomes available to us. but we're told right now that they are investigating what they are calling a suspicious item, no better description than the word item right now it is being investigated. we know it was under a car and that's about it. we'll continue to follow this for more information on that. a wild day in london from extreme disappoint to a golden moment for an american teenager, we start though with a 16-year-old chinese swimmer who did one lap faster than ryan lochte. it's raising doping suspicions. atika schubert is live in london. >> reporter: it was an incredible performance, she basically won at the 400 meter individual medley with stunning speed. she was literally for the last 50 meters faster than the u.s. gold winner in the same ev
reinforcements. violent clashes killing 123, 21 in aleppo. there are concerns in u.s. and iraq about al qaeda's growing influence in syria and video warns the group is forming suicide cells to make jihad in the region. >>> apple stock is down 5% this morning after earnings missed estimates yesterday, a rare earnings missed for apple. and iphone rumor mill is churning once again. the latest, the iphone 5 will come out in september instead of october. iphone sales were a disappoint in the second quarter, people have been holding out buying their phones, waiting for the new version this fall. >>> ontario's special investigation unit looking into the death of a man who went over the wall and fell into niagara falls. a police officer was chasing a man when both fell 100 feet in the gorge. the officer was rescued and recovering from a broken leg. the man he was chasing didn't make it out alive. cops are not offering any other details about that incident this morning. life and then some, a chicago judge sentencing jennifer hudson's former brother william balfour, to three life terms p
. both of those places the u.s. in fifth place, a big disappoint, china came first and japan won the silver after a recount and britain, the surprise out of all of this won the bronze. the first time for 100 years. >> john orozco known for sticking landings and doing clean landings. let's talk about missy franklin and michael phelps. >> reporter: this is what everybody is looking forward to. he has the opportunity to become the world's greatest o limb pea yan an. >> if he can win a medal at the 200 meter butterfly, he'll be tied for 18 medals, the most any one individual athlete has won. he then has a second chance at the men's 100 meter freestyle. if he wins a medal there, he will have surpassed that goal and officially become the world's greatest olympian. missy franklin, known as the new phelps, she has won a gold and bronze and now we're looking to see whether she can also win a gold in today's 200 meter. high hopes running on her. she hasn't done well in the run-up. >> thanks, atika, jealous of you getting to see all of that in person. in a couple of minutes we'lltic alicia
will join us this morning. "starting point" begins right now. >> welcome back, our starting point this morning, mitt romney on his way to poland after his welcome strip welcome trip to israel. here's what he said. >> we must not delude ourselves into thinking containment is an option. we must lead the effort to prevent iran from building and possessing nuclear weapons capability. we should employ any and all measures to dissuade the iranian regime from its nuclear course. no option should be excluded. we recognize israel's right to defend itself and that it is right for america to stand with you. >> mitt romney trailing in polls when they are asked which candidate would handle foreign policy better. it's a critical time for him to recover from what some say were big gaffes made in britain. michelle is the co-chair of the obama campaign's national security committee and former defense secretary under president obama and in the situation room during the osama bin laden raid. nice to see you. thank you for talking us with this morning. do you see a big difference between mitt romney'
of romney sort of using foreign policy as a way to mischaracterize the president's record. i think from the president's cairo speech all the way through his actions during the egyptian revolution, it's been clear which side the united states is on and that is on the side of democracy and freedom. what romney fails to do each and every time is really layout how his policy would be different. what specifically would he do differently and we haven't heard from him on those issues. the american people frankly deserve to know that. >> we know now there was a contingency plan shared with attacking iran if any kind of diplomacy should fail and looks like they are getting a nuclear weapon. some people have said that is purely politics and especially the timing is suspicious considering it comes at the moment when governor romney is making his way to make headlines in israel. >> well, i think again, president obama has made very clear that all options are on the table. what romney seems to be doing is grabbing at straws and trying to make an impression on his foreign trip. frankly with the gaffe
orleans. nice to have you, if you haven't gone to bed yet, you're welcome to come by and hang out with us. we're here for the essence music festival. we're going to have an opportunity to play for you harry lee allen and the new creative collective, they are providing the "starting point" playlist for the entire morning. we'll start with deadly storms moving through the national park. lots to tell you about there and the critical jobs numbers to get to, talking about the saints bounty battle heads to court with the nfl players file ag new lawsuit. all-star lineup, jay thomas, vanessa williams and mitch landrieu joins us. "starting point" begins right now. ♪ >> there they are, that's carey allen lee and the new creative collective is the new band playing this morning. they'll provide the playlist coming to you live from the ruby slipper cafe in the heart of downtown new orleans. i guess i should mention first the food it's in front of us. lots on the menu, some of the specialties though, you can take a look include this -- this is the main thing, a barbecued shrimp. >> just shrimp and gr
's right. >> joining us this morning is representative bill cassidy, a republican from louisiana and only practicing physician in congress, not going to ask him to weigh in on the cal orric content in the food, serious radio talk show host and new orleans native and michelle u banks is with us, nice to have all of you with us this morning. we appreciate it. lots to get to. but first we'll start with the breaking news on deadly storms on the move right now. violent thunderstorms have slammed into eastern tennessee, happened overnight. reportedly so far, two people have been killed, dozens others injured. we want to get you right to rob marciano. what's going on? >> hey, soledad, this cluster of thunderstorms popped up late yesterday and bumped into heat and humidity. i don't have to tell you that if you live east of the mepississii you're in the heat. there's with the biggest storms hit as far as the most intense winds, smokey mountain national park, a lot of people camping here. this is prime time for camping season. tents and rvs, not a lot of places to hide. the trees coming down injuri
under water with sir richard branson. also joining us, the original karate kid, ralph macchio and jada pinkett smith and her daughter willow joins us. "starting point" begins right now. >>> the fbi is now launching a criminal investigation working with authorities overseas to find out how sewing needles ended up in four sandwiches on delta airlines flights. they were found on four different flights, all coming to the united states out of amsterdam. one passenger was injured but declined medical treatment. brings us to sandra endo joining us from d.c. what do authorities know so far? >> good morning, soledad, right now there's a full blown investigation into this matter and the fbi and local authorities in the netherlands are trying to find out how the needles got into those turkey sandwiches. a delta spokesperson says the needles were found in sandwiches in flights from amsterdam to minneapolis and seattle and two flights to atlanta. two of the needles were found by passengers and one was discovered by an air marshall when delta found out about the needles in the food, the air
to spare the parishioners and pastor louis's children join us, gene louis and daniel louis. thanks for talking with us. gene, i'm going to start with you if i can. what do you know is the latest about your dad, his condition and how he's being held? >> good morning, soledad. i thank you for having us on this morning. and soledad, we're going to tell you what we've been telling all of the news media outlet's that has been interviewing us and we thank them also. the information that we're getting is trickling down and is information that people are getting from the internet. we do have people that are working on our behalves via the u.s. state department and office of senator scott brown, but again, information is -- we're getting as quick as you guys are getting it as other people are getting it. so actually the family has four people in it. we're just -- got some news so that's the reason why there's two of us that are not here. and the problem with hearing things from everywhere else, you're getting news that is not really true and you have to decipher which one is true versus whi
a packed show ahead, piers morgan will join us and soledad's day two interview with chris paul. professional wrestler, eric young. "starting point" begins right now. >>> our "starting point" this morning, the threat of dangerous storms this morning across almost a third of the country. at least two people are dead after one storm plowed through the midwest and northeast yesterday. fay a look at the lightning show over fork cinew york city. trying to determine whether a lightning strike caused aid fire that injured 40 people in brooklyn. >>> within man was killed by falling debris when lightning struck a church steeple. reports of two unconfirmed tornado touchdowns and mess of power lines and downed trees in the path. from ohio to new york this morning and airlines are playing catch up after 900 flights were canceled. >>> another severe storm watch in effect today. let's get the very latest from meteorologist rob marciano live in olympic park in atlanta. rough night for us up here. >> reporter: it was. not just for new york city, it was a massive storm system, christine. yesterd
guest. first a look at the today's top stories and christine has that for us. >> good morning. new developments in the aftermath of the colorado movie theater massacre. law enforcement sources say the shooting suspect james holmes mailed a package to the university of colorado campus in aurora. it was received on monday, and it forced the evacuation of an entire building. cbs news says the package was addressed to a psychologist and contained a letter talking about shooting people and also contained scribblings showing a gunman shooting victims. aurora police say they're letting residents back into the apartment complex where the gunman lived, an apartment building that may have come down in flames had the suspect rigged the apartment with 30 ieds and 10 gallons of gasoline blew. more on the developments in a live report from aurora. >>> battle lines in the gun control debate. president obama weighing in five days after the massacre in aurora. he told the national urban league last night he backs the second amendment and not when it comes to assault weapons. >> we recognize the tra
-- got some news so that's the reason why there's two of us that are not here. and the problem with hearing things from everywhere else, you're getting news that is not really true and you have to decipher which one is true versus which is not true. >> it must be a very tough time for your family. i cannot imagine. you say your two sisters were doing the rounds with you earlier are not with you because they got news. can you share what you're hearing? >> again, we've been hearing everything from he's been able to speak to his wife, which is not true, to the other woman is able to speak to her husband, which is not true too, to the fact that they are eating well and we just got some news that he could have suffered from some diabetic shock. so again, we don't know which one is true and which one is not true so we're just trying to be in good spirits and good faith and we are in good faith despite anything. our faces might not look like it, because as you can assume physically it's taking a toll and emotionally. we believe in god and we believe that he's going to do what he needs
to see, norm coleman, talk to you soon again i hope. thanks. >>> our own piers morgan will join us from london with more on his interview with mitt and an romney in case you missed it. let's get straight to zoraida sambolin. >>> attorneys for one of jerry sandusky's victims have released two voicemail recordings they say the predator left on their client's answering machine. they have verified the authenticity of the recordings however the attorneys claiming the calls were made less than two months before the assistant coach was arrested in 2011 on child sex abuse charges. listen. >> i was just calling to see i don't know whether you had any interest in going to the penn state game this saturday. . if you could get back to me and let me know, i'd appreciate it and when you get this message, give me a call. and i'll hope to talk to you later. thanks. i love you. >> attorneys for victim number two say they intend to file a civil suit against penn state. a spokesman for the university would not comment on the voice mails but did say the school is taking the case very seriously. >>> people
rain but parts of utah and the western u.s. is still enduring fires. heavier thunderstorms moving through cleveland. intense complex that rolled through detroit last night. severe thunderstorms that could dump hail and certainly some gusty winds and nothing like what we saw nearly a week ago. we still had 700,000 people without power. this is where you will see the bulk of the action as far as severe weather goes. south of that it is hot and even more humid and that's where we have the heat advisories and warnings. you get 12 to 20 states affected. big cities like chicago, st. louis, excessive heat warnings that includes philadelphia as well and dangerous heat continues and continue to set records and st. louis 105 degrees again. chicago got to 102. that's the second time this year they have broken the 100-degree mark and haven't done 100 degrees since 2005. we'll continue that streak in chicago. you may very well get it again today. off to a running start. 86 degrees right now in st. louis. that's without the sun and obviously that will cook things up in a hurry. 100 in d.c. and
curley, the onlydownside for us is if the message isn't heard and acted upon and we become vulnerable for not having reported it. but that can be assessed down the road. curley and schultz face perjury and also accused of failing to properly reporting suspected child abuse. >>> the only abortion clinic still operating in mississippi can stay open for now. a new law in the state took effect yesterday requiring a abortion providers to be certified ob-gyn practitioners with privileges at local hospitals. a federal judge issued a restraining order that keeps the clinic's doors openal least until a hearing on july 11th. >>> that graduate student from georgia who lost her hands, left leg and her right foot to flesh eating bacteria is leaving the hospital today and she is headed to a rehab center. amy copeland's father says his daughter will get inpatient treatment and work on her graduate these sis in psychologist at the same time, i'm not kidding. she hopes to graduate from the university of west virginia in december. good luck to her. our runaway victory, defending champion spain trounced
point" begins right now. ♪ >> that's from my playlist, a news junkie. welcome, good morning, with us on the panel. we have marsha blackburn, republican from tennessee, jose baez also has his new book out "presumed guilty" and the senior adviser to president clinton and writer for new welcome to all of you. a busy monday morning and we're starting this morning with the president and his plans to resurrect this discussion over the bush tax cuts. the president will be surrounded by working class americans later today when he speaks in the white house rose garden. he's going to be calling for an extension of tax cuts only for people earning $250,000 a year or less. >> so the president is totally committed to getting rid of the tax cut for those making $250,000 or above. >> let's make progress on our spending by doing away with tax cuts for people that quite frankly don't need them and that haven't worked and have them pay their fair share? >> that a yes or no. the president is completed committed to this. >> 100% committed to this. >> i heard this before. dan lothian is here.
the president's tax plans now. marsha black burn of tennessee is here with us. our "starting point" team is here as well. you're the republican deputy whip. tell me, are you going to accept this line in the sand of $250,000 or is it all or nothing? >> what the american people tell us regularly is, look, just extend this. one of the biggest problems we have and i'm sure richard hears this, uncertainty about regulation, uncertainty about taxation. >> the republicans are vowing more uncertainty about health care reform too, not putting that uncertainty to bed. >> i would differ there. i think that there's a way to bring some certainty to this. but the uncertainty that is penetrating the environment in washington, d.c. is so difficult. i think that senator mcconnell had it about right yesterday when he said, let's take it as it is and extend everything, do it for -- >> let's listen to what he said, what senator mcconnell said yesterday. oh, darn it, we don't have it. sorry. she did a night bce buttoning i. >> the thing is, if you say okay, as they are, the o 103 cuts, let's extend them for another y
she says it was a sexist boys club. she will be with us along with jack abramoff and alice stewart will be our guest and obama campaign press secretary ben labolt and we have a packed show ahead. it is thursday, july 5th, and "starting point" begins right now. >> welcome, everybody. "starting point" with breaking news on a whistle blowing website wiki leaks at it begin. this he have begun publishing 2.5 million e-mails. they're described as embarrassing to syria as well as some of hits opponents and the website says the files, quote, shine a light on the inner workings of the syrian government and economy and also reveal how the west and western firms say one thing and do another. we're watching the story for you and will have more details as the details come in. the rest of the day's top stories, right to brooke baldwin with an update on headlines. >> welcome back from the beach. good to see you. good morning, everyone. about 700,000 people waking up to another day without power. look at the map. you see 11 states and talk about the nation's capital. it has been six days since pow
telling us these trees down are a huge obstacle. we're right in the middle of a road here. you see the double yellow lines and this may not be cleared for a little while. that is impeding power crews as they try to move around. you mention food shortages, an official told me not too long ago this may be one of the worst food crises in a long time. they have two main pantries that distribute nonperishable food to the people in need, they are empty and starting a food drive trying to get food and water to people. water pressure is a huge issue. some of the pumps are fueled by electricity, they are done so water pressure is a big problem. people need to boil water. the national guard is getting out offering people help in getting water and boiling water and things like that. that is a logistical problem as well. how are people staying cool in this? we talked to residents in vf west virginia. any way they can at this point. >> it's very hot. i'm been setting on the porch since last night. >> it's pretty bad. the heat is the main thing, can't keep our apartment cool. i've never been wit
will join us again, the co-founder of the senate tea party caucus. first though, we want to get to christine romans with an update on the top stories. good morning. >> good morning, soledad, also developing this morning, investigators trying to find out what caused a mystery odor that made a flight crew sick and forced an emergency landing last night. the u.s. airways flight from charlotte to rome was diverted to philadelphia. attendants told the captain they were feeling sick and smelled something strange. an airline spokesperson says five crew members were taken to the hospital and released. passengers were eye vak waited and put on another flight. none of the passengers got sick. >>> a woman who abandoned her 19-year-old special needs daughter outside a bar will not be charged. police say eva cameron left her daughter lynn outside a bar in tennessee then drove home to illinois. our affiliate wvlt spoke to eva who says she has the best intention. >> i didn't get the help i needed from illinois, somebody at the church said why don't you go down to tennessee. they have a good health care sys
, thanks for being with us. >> he is an oscar nominated actor and producer of a new documentary shenandoah. >> i spent time there doing a documentary as well. ryan lizza, the washington correspondent from the new yorker and will cain from the i missed you terribly. >> it's been 12 hours since we've seen each other. >> i get to meet one of my favorite actors, deets from lone some dove. >> are you from texas? >> if you don't like lonesome dove, you're in trouble. >> you might have to switch spots today. >> i was going to say lethal weapon but everybody says that, right? >> our "starting point" this morning, breaking news, hazmat crews are on the scene. a spectacular fire, taking place in ohio. a train was pulling several tankers derailed just before 2:00 this morning. the accident happened in the north end of columbus, which is near ohio state university and the ohio state fairgrounds, the explosion and flames could be seen and felt for miles. everyone within a mile of that scene has been ordered to leave their homes because police believe some of those tankers are hauling sulphur
. we have a federal declaration, fema is working side by side with us. i think that we're responding as quickly and as hard as we can given the situation. and it is a dangerous situation. >> i want to get to fema and federal resources you all are getting. is there any talk about underground power lines? all of this wouldn't be an issue if that were possible. >> you know, it is possible. in fact we had a significant power outage caused by ice in '04 and another power outage caused by hurricane ike in 2008. the utilities have in fact as a result of that buried their lines. so this probably could have been much worse if they hadn't done that after those last two pow other outages. >> back to the federal emergency, i know that's been declared in ohio, 200 national guard troops knocking on doors from dayton to columbus. what are their priorities one, two and three today? >> our priorities are to make sure that we're touching base with our vulnerable population,s, not just in the urban areas but reaching out and making sure we're touching base with our vulnerable populations across the sta
their taxes, not in a corporate context but in a personal returns. >> joining us now live, congressman steve king, a republican from iowa and member of the tea party caucus. good morning. >> good morning. >> the president wants to keep lower taxes for 97% of americans, the treasuries department's office of tax analysis for the tax year 2007, under bush, 3% of all tax returns were for incomes over $250,000. explain the view that obama's proposal would hurt. walk me through it. >> i recall back when the bush tax brackets were first implemented, a decade ago. the argument was how do you give tax breaks to people not paying taxes that's a number approaching or exceeding 50%. the lowest bracket would receive a 50% tax increase if the bush tax brackets were allowed to expire. i think this is just another one of the class pieces the president has done, dividing people along whatever lines he can demographically to -- >> how is that class envy? >> i'm sorry. >> you say this is a class envy play by the president. what do you mean? >> if you demonize the people making over $250,000 and say they aren't
in an election year that adds to uncertainty as well. steve king, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up in 20 minutes, we'll talk to lloyd doggett, a senior member of the house ways and means committee and later jason chaffetz will join us live. let's go to ali velshi. >>> a record heat wave fading and floodwaters are rising, flash floods in the mid-atlantic, stranding 30 cars on the interstate in north carolina. the government says the past 12 months were the hottest ever on record in the mainland u.s. and that's not even counting july, more than 2,000 heat records alone broken or tied so far this month. for more on that, let's go to meteorologist alexandra steele in the weather center. >> good morning, ali. the preponderance of those were east of the mississippi river. look at these records, 113 in vegas, 108 in boise, 99 in reno, didn't seem that great but it was a record. here's where the heat will be on. departures, that's what the numbers are in red, six or seven degrees above average. 101 in reen no, boise, 102. 14 degrees above average. in spokane, 92. it's pretty cool out th
us to talk about his new book that talks about putting a price on tragedy. we have a packed show this morning. talk to florida's lieutenant governor jennifer carol and also minority whip steny hoyer will be our guest and roland martin checking in and ellen burstyn with us. >> welcome, everybody. starting point this morning, fighting words from mitt romney as joe biden prepares to address the naacp convention in houston after romney's rocky reception at the convention and he is now telling the detractors go vote for someone else. it was a tough sell. he was trying to convince african-americans they would be better off with him but when he prom i canned to repeal president obama's health care law the crowd erupted in boos. >> i am going to eliminate every non-essential program i can find, that includes obama care, and i will work to reform and save -- >> romney is getting hammered in the wake of that by the naacp. jim acosta is live in houston this morning. good morning. how did it go? >> well, soledad, whenever you get booed for 15 seconds it is not exactly going well. the romney
and attacked the issues that are important to us on our turf. >> that was one sample of what we heard. i also talked to another woman who said that she absolutely booed but she said she was not booing mitt romney, she was booing his agenda. vice president joe biden will be coming in here later on this morning. the president is not coming to the naacp. the white house says he has a scheduling conflict and that's why joe biden is here, but, soledad, i have to tell you if romney's aim yesterday was exciting the conservative base with that speech he gave to the naacp, he may have also excited the liberal base of the democratic party or at least african-american voters because i think this crowd will give joe biden a warm response when he gets into this hall later on this morning. as for mitt romney, later on today talking about speaking to your base, he is going to be holding a fundraiser in wyoming with none other than dick cheney. soledad. >> jim acosta for us. thank you. i should mention in a few minutes we'll be speaking with florida's lieutenant gov, jennifer carol, the first african-america
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